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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

easy to copy trading bots templates for copytrading

My favourite DCA bot template is a Conservative one. Actually this is an improved version of Infinity bot from Pionex and Kuckoin. The price of BTC may drop to -31% from your initial purchase but to reach your deal's take profit it should rise back only by +15%.

I have calculated the Dollar Cost Averaging settings the most optimal way in my opinion. This Long DCA bot is trading 10% of its funds and takes a profit of +1%. This is a perfect bot for Bullish trend but even if trend suddenly turns into a Bearish one, this bot still has a great chance to close your deal in profit on next bounce. The average Safety Factor score of this bot is "1.45" so it might be kept on BTC USD pair to generate from 2-4% of passive income monthly.

This DCA bot template is designed to catch every movement of a BTC price with additional purchases of the asset. Many traders think that a safety order size should always be bigger than a base order or previous safety order, however my calculation has proven that this is not always true, sometimes way more optimal solution is to increase the amount of safety trades instead of increasing the size of safety trades, because in fact the overall volume of your lower safety trades will be still big but it will be divided to smaller orders. This strategy makes it possible to place a network of your safety orders slightly wider and catch each movement of the BTC price within 1%.

Buy orders grids levels on Bitcoin chart

Please always remember to keep funds for additional manual safety trades in case price drops deeper than -31%.

To be continued with more templates soon... 👍

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Nov 16, 2022

Hi, please play with the input parameters, perhaps you are inserting incorrect type of numbers, like ,0 instead of 0.1. Common excel rules have to be used. Also this could be due to step multiplier.


Mar 19, 2022

Hello! And many thanks for this blog and tips. I noticed if you insert these values on the Bot Safety Calculator spreadsheet it will not show the proper result, after the 3rd or 4th SO it shows negative on the % Deviation from breakeven point - Is there any update to it? Thanks!

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