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Market overview 13 Feb 2024

The market is looking more than beautiful. Bitcoin has not only consolidated above 48,200 but also set a local maximum above 50,000. Bitcoin is at these levels for the first time since 2021.

BTC-ETF has grown by more than 5.5% at the moment, and the Bitcoin ETF has become the most popular ETF in Wall Street history.

The 2024 forecast is already partially fulfilled. Bitcoin has reached 50,000; now, the second part of the forecast remains - achieving a market capitalization of 3 trillion and reaching ATH. Considering that the year has just begun, there is still time for everything.

Altcoins are still weak, lagging behind Bitcoin. What to do with them in the medium term is quite obvious.

The forecast for the next 24 hours - Bitcoin ranging from 48,200-47,700 at the bottom to 50,800-51,000 at the top. An alternative scenario is consolidation above 51,700.

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