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Updated: Jan 2, 2022

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My project, MoneyButton, is very closely related to the 3Commas platform and for the most part is an informative addition to it. On this website and blog, 3commas users will be able to find many useful add-ons and hints, such as:

You can use a promo code MONEYBUTTON if you want to get a discount for 3Commas subscription when you pay for it in crypto.

You can start using the platform even without any costs because 3 days of Pro Subscription will be given to you and after the trial ends you will be switched on a Free plan and still be able to run a few bots:

  • One GRID bot (Spot or Futures market);

  • One Options bot;

  • One of the DCA bots: Simple (Spot or Futures market) or Composite Bot (Spot market).

Several years ago, when I was just starting to use DCA bots, like many other users, I had a desire to configure the bot so that it does not require the owner's intervention too often, so that it can be turned on and only follow the messages about the profit received from closed deals. I became literally obsessed with this dream and tried all available deal starting conditions, tested several hundred different bot settings, programmed an averaging calculator in google sheets, which I shared with you on this site. Unfortunately, later I realized that such a bot does not exist by default and I would have to learn the Pine programming language on the Tradingview website to send my custom entry signals to my bots. After a year of endless trial, errors and tests, thousands and thousands of erased and rewritten lines of code, I finally developed and combined a great script of a reversal strategy and optimal settings for averaging. As a result, MoneyButton signals will soon be available on the 3Commas marketplace for a nominal fee.

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